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Artist Andrew Barr designed a deck of cards to go with our forthcoming COCKFIGHT book! »

Kier-La Janisse reposts a 2007 article about Danny Kirwan in tribute to his passing on June 8th, 2018. »

Kier-La Janisse remembers the great horror author, who passed away at age 71. »

Spectacular Optical’s latest anthology launches with screenings and events through the yuletide season »

Directors Anne-Marie Puga and Jean-Raymond Garcia on creating a world of predatory blind people for their brilliant short film »

Esinam Beckley talks to first-time feature director Gina Hara about her pioneering documentary »

Esinam Beckley talks to Arshad Khan about his extraordinary animated coming-of-age memoir »

Experimental cosmologist Keith Vanderlinde talks cabin fever and dark matter on the 30th anniversary of Carpenter’s THE THING »

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